Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull to Direct 'Origin Unknown' Robot on Mars Feature

"Shine light where there is darkness." Another filmmaker we've posted many shorts from previously on this site has made the leap into feature filmmaking, and is set to direct his first movie called Origin Unknown. ScreenDaily made the announcement this week, reporting that work is already underway on producers Parkgate Entertainment and IAM Entertainment’s "UK sci-fi thriller" being directed by Hasraf 'HaZ' Dulull. HaZ is the name behind the shorts Sync, Project Kronos and I.R.I.S., and he's also worked as a VFX supervisor on a number of other projects. The script is being written by Gary Hall, from a story by Dulull.

HaZ's first feature project is a sci-fi story about a robot on Mars, and what it discovers there. As explained:

Set in the not-too distant future of space exploration, Origin Unknown will follow a mission controller investigating a mysterious object that has appeared on Mars. As he gets close to unravelling the mystery with the support of an artificial intelligence called Rainn, he soon realizes there is something much bigger at play.

There's even a pitch reel! HaZ created this trailer for Origin Unknown to show a tease and the atmosphere:

We'll be keeping an eye on the development of this film, and are hoping for the best with HaZ and Origin Unknown. Interestingly, ScreenDaily's report mentions the two production companies, Parkgate and IAM Entertainment, but also says "the film is being financed by private investors." Additionally, they later add that HaZ's Project Kronos is "also being developed as a feature"; that short was made using lots of existing NASA footage, so it definitely seems to have caught someone's eye. If you want to get caught up with HaZ and his filmmaking work, check out more of his short films on his Vimeo page. The more sci-fi the better.