New Line Cinema Rebooting 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Series Again

One, two, another reboot coming for you. Three, four, the more franchise movies the better. Five, six, you get the point. Over at the Tracking Board, they're reporting that New Line Cinema is ready to try again with A Nightmare on Elm Street. Just a few years ago we followed very closely the most recent remake that came out in 2010, directed by Samuel Bayer starring Jackie Earle Haley as the new Freddy. And, once again, since that remake didn't end up doing so well they're simply going back to the drawing board and restarting because of course it's a successful name-brand horror franchise so they can restart and it still has a fanbase.

Here's all the information Tracking Board has about the new version - which is currently being scripted.

Plot details are kept under lock and key, though fans can safely assume that the red-and-green sweater/fedora wearing Freddy Krueger will once again be up to his old tricks, ready to terrorize a new group of sleep-deprived youngsters. There’s no producer on board yet, but Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson has been tapped to script. Toby Emmerich, Walter Hamada, and Dave Neustadter will oversee for New Line.

The original A Nightmare on Elm Street series launched in 1984, with a New Line Cinema movie written & directed by Wes Craven. That was followed up with four more sequels, spanning all the way to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child before they tried to do something different (resulting in Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare then Wes Craven's New Nightmare, plus of course Freddy vs Jason). The most recent remake from 2010 was made by Platinum Dunes and Michael Bay, when he had his producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form whipping up horror remakes left and right (they were also responsible for that Friday the 13th remake around the same time). We'll try to keep an eye on development updates from here. Interested?