They're Already Planning a Sequel to 'What We Do in the Shadows'

Now this makes me happy to hear. Word from Jemaine Clement himself is that they're already planning a sequel to one of the best cult horror comedy indie gems this year. If you haven't seen it yet, and even if you have – stop, drop dead, and watch What We Do in the Shadows as soon as you can. It's hilarious, and completely original, and after it's all done, you're going to want more. And you'll also be happy to know that there is more on the way. Clement told the site in a recent interview, found via SlashFilm, the sequel is "in the planning stage" and would be centered around the werewolf Anton, played by Rhys Darby.

Here's the only details they mention about Clement's upcoming plans; it's good to know this is a priority:

Clement also confirmed a sequel to hit 2014 vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows is in the planning stages (focused on Rhys Darby's control-freak werewolf Anton), that he and McKenzie will tour again as Flight of the Conchords ("The TV show was a lot of stress, but the touring's pretty fun") and that he has another HBO series in the works with Waititi: "kind of one-off episodes, stand-alone comedy, short films".

There is also mention of other ideas related to What We Do in the Shadows and the many characters from this wacky vampire/werewolf mockumentary. Clement told The AV Club in an interview: "We’ve pitched a show for those two cops [from What We Do in the Shadows - Karen O'Leary and Mike Minogue] in New Zealand and we’ve made a mini-pilot. At the moment it’s a paranormal activity division of the New Zealand Police Department. But we've already been told before we even handed it in that there’s no money for comedy…" That's why we need to keep supporting comedies like What We Do in the Shadows. We'll keep watching for any updates regarding this sequel. In the meantime, the film is available on VOD everywhere.